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Vascular Doppler Ultrasound

(Peripheral Doppler Sonography)

  • Key features:

    • It is a 15 days Comprehensive ultrasound course for Vascular Doppler.
    • Vascular Doppler Ultrasound courses are delivered with a main focus on the acquisition of basic practical skills on scanning techniques and protocols with AIUM/ARDMS standard protocol.
    • With Vascular Doppler ultrasound – now a central component for Vascular disease assessment, this course will give you the practical and theoretical knowledge to perform and understand ultrasound examination in Carotid Doppler, Peripheral Arterial Doppler, Venous Doppler for assessment of DVT, Abdominal Arterial Doppler specially Renal Artery Doppler assessment and also Doppler study in Obstetrics, specially Fetal Doppler for assessment of Placental insufficiency, fetal hypoxia, Pre-eclamsia & IUGR,
    • One to One Hands-on training is the main focus on practical skills acquisition with practical and didactic classes with instructor-student ratios of 1:3.
    • State of the art training facility with modern ultrasound equipment ranging from basic machine to High Resolution Color Doppler, PW/CW Doppler and Power Doppler along with 3D/4D facilities.
    • The utilization of real patient supplemented by videos, slides, lectures etc.
    • Time-frame can be extended up to 30 days according to the participant’s special needs.
  • Target group:

    • Are you regularly called on to perform Vascular Assessment?
    • Are you a Sonologist looking to develop your Vascular Doppler ultrasound skills?
    • Are you a Vascular Surgeon looking to learn Vascular Doppler ultrasound for vascular disease assessment?
    • Are you a Obstetrician – wants to learn Doppler in Obstetrics?
    • Do you simply want to improve, refresh or extend your technique?
    • Vascular Doppler ultrasound, a fundamental component of your practice, this program will give you the practical and theoretical knowledge to perform and understand vascular Doppler assessment with a set of new skills ready to apply in the real world.
  • Course Objectives:

    This practical and focused course will provide you with the skills to:-

    • Describe physical principles to understand and operate the ultrasound equipment.
    • Demonstrate a scanning technique according to AIUM/ARDMS or global standard.
    • Demonstrate basic practical proficiency in performing and interpreting the following:
      • Ultrasound evaluation of Carotid Doppler.
      • Ultrasound evaluation of Upper extremity Arterial and Venous Doppler
      • Ultrasound evaluation abdominal Arterial Doppler with emphasis on –
        • Celiac Trunk Doppler
        • Mesenteric Arterial Doppler
        • Hepatic artery and Hepatic vein Doppler
        • Portal Vein Doppler
        • Renal Artery Doppler
        • Abdominal Aortic and Iliac vessel Doppler
      • Ultrasound Doppler assessment of Lower limb arterial diseases.
      • Ultrasound assessment of Lower limb veins for DVT
      • Doppler in Obstetrics – Ultrasound assessment for fetal well being, placental insufficiency, Preeclampsia, IUGR by evaluation of Uterine artery, Umbilical artery, Middle Cerebral artery and other fetal artery, veins and cardiac Doppler assessment.
      • Discuss the clinical role, practical applications, and limitations of ultrasound in the vascular assessment including basic principles of Doppler and hemodynamics.
      • Document and present complete and accurate sonographic findings for recording and reporting to facilitate appropriate diagnosis and management in vascular Doppler assessment.
  • Eligibility:

    • MBBS or any medical graduate who have knowledge of basic principles of ultrasound.
    • Vascular Surgeons.
    • Obstetricians interested in Doppler in Obstetrics.
  • Duration:

    • 15 days. (Can be extended or shortened on demand or needs of individual candidate)
  • Course Starts:

    • Starts on demand anytime.
  • Certification:

    • “Certificate of Achievement” shall be awarded to the participants who registers and successfully completes all the requirement of the program.
  • International Student:

    • We welcome students from other countries to enrich our campus life and foster life-long relationships and international cultural interactions.
    • We don’t have accommodation facilities at the moment for foreign students. However, if requested earlier, we may assist to find suitable accommodation nearby the campus.

      Contact Admission desk

    • Fees are changeable at anytime without prior notice.
  • Admission Process:

    • Download application form. For download – Click here
    • Make of a Pay order/Telegraphic Transfer in favor of “Shristy Institute for Health Sciences & Technology Ltd.”
    • Send application form & Pay Order/TT copy with the following documents (Attested or Notarized Photocopy only):
      • MBBS/Graduation Certificate.
      • BMDC/Medical Council Registration.
      • Experience/Certificate in Sonography (If any)
      • National ID copy.
      • Passport Copy (for foreign students).
      • 3 copy of Passport size Picture/Photos.
    • Send all documents to –
      MAILING ADDRESS:Program Director
      Shristy Institute for Health Science
      Suite # C-9, Level -9
      Green Rowshanara Tower, 755 Satnmasjid Road
      Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209,
      Tel: +88 02 58152221
      Cell: +88 01711 563737
Day 01 Discussion on Basic Doppler principles, Doppler effect, Doppler shift frequency, Doppler equation and Hemodynamics.

Introduction to basic physics in ultrasound, Knobology, Image artifacts, TGC/Gain setting and Image optimization.

Day 02 Practical session: Doppler evaluation of Lower Limb Arterial System with scanning technique and protocol & discussion on peripheral arterial diseases.
Day 03 Practical session: : Doppler evaluation of Lower Limb Venous System with scanning technique, protocol and discussion on venous diseases (DVT).
Day 04 Practical session: Doppler evaluation of Upper Limb Arterial System with scanning technique and protocol.
Day 05 Practical session: Doppler evaluation of Upper Limb Venous System with scanning technique & protocol.
Day 06 Practical session: Carotid Doppler evaluation with scanning technique & protocol including Doppler assessment of vertebral arteries.
Day 07 Practical session: Abdominal Arterial Doppler assessment including CT, SMA, HA, and Renal Artery Doppler study – scanning techniques and protocols.
Day 08 Practical session: Abdominal Veins Doppler assessment including Portal venous system – scanning techniques and protocols.
Day 09 Doppler in Obstetrics – Assessment of Fetal-maternal circulation, placental insufficiency, fetal hypoxia, Fetal well-being, IUGR by scanning Uterine, Umbilical, Middle Cerebral artery, other Fetal artery, veins and Cardiac Doppler.
Day 10 Discussion on: Documentation and presentation of complete and accurate sonographic findings for recording and reporting to facilitate appropriate diagnosis and management in vascular Doppler assessment.