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Who are We?

Shristy Institute, a center of excellence, dedicated to education, training and research in diagnostic ultrasound. Since its inception in the year 2000, the institute has carved a niche for itself and has brought about a silent revolution in the field of practicing ultrasound, so much so that it has the distinction of being the first and only center in Bangladesh for methodical ultrasound training.

It is the first institution in Bangladesh and South Asia to provide internationally accredited program with The Michener Institute of Applied Health Technology, Canada in Jan’ 2000. At the onset, the first three batches were run under direct supervision of Michener Institute, Canada and the 36 students successfully completed their Advance Graduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasound.

In January 2003, we received the affiliation of Bangladesh Technical Education Board under the Ministry of Education continuing the diploma program with the transfer of curriculum and training expertise from the Michener Institute thus could be able to reduce the course cost substantially, keeping the same standard of education and training. In June 2011, we have signed an agreement with U&I Alliance, University of Dhaka who will support our ultrasound programs. U&I Alliance, University of Dhaka assisted us to improve the quality of courses and enhance its brand image through quality assurance and strategic planning support.

We have expanded and enhanced the ultrasound programs offered to help our professionals remain up-to-date with the Continuing Education Program. To make this possible, we have established a unique & innovative partnership program with Institute of Ultrasound Technique, Canada & started an Advance Diploma Program for those who are already in the ultrasound profession, to enhance their scanning technique, with advance level hands-on training on different specialty ultrasound like Anomaly scan in Obstetrics, TV/TR, 3D/4D ultrasound, Vascular & Musculoskeletal ultrasound & Doppler modalities that is run under direct supervision of Hugh Ellis, MSc, RT, RDMS, RVT, a renowned Canadian Clinical ultrasound instructor with long experience as instructor. Currently,

One year DMUD & One month ADMS certification are given jointly by IUT, Canada and Shristy Institute. One year DMU certification is given by Bangladesh Technical Education Board.

What is the aim of Shristy Institute?

Shristy Institute aims to provide the best quality of healthcare through technology in home and abroad. Our current aim is to develop a group of internationally qualified tertiary level Sonologists & Sonographers through our one year intensive Diploma program. We are committed to helping medical professionals keep up with and benefit from the rapid changes in healthcare today and in the future. We have already trained students from Nepal, India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, USA & Canada. Many of our graduates already received globally recognized RDMS, RVT & RDCS credentials in diagnostic Sonography from ARDMS-USA and working in USA & Canada.

We have also introduced short courses, designed to meet the needs of different medical professionals, specially emergency medical officers, General medicine, surgeons, gynecologists, obstetricians, pediatricians, nurses, radiology technologist, physiotherapist, cardiologists, as well as ultrasound application specialists etc., who need Cross-training in ultrasound or who want to learn it right for the first time to supplement their corresponding subjects.

Why are We different?

“Knowledge is a powerful medicine!” !” We will continue to offer our highest quality training programs with both didactic & hands-on training which will provide you with-

  • Introductory & advanced level programs at all levels of ultrasound practices.
  • Advance level of scanning techniques with internationally recognized scanning protocols by ARDMS, AIUM etc., so that our students are able to sit for the RDMS, RVT, and RDCS registry exams in North America.
  • Increased choices of interpretational & report writing skills.
  • It will improve job performance & assist you in achieving the desired professional recognition with Globally recognized Credential from ARDMS.
  • We are committed to providing superior continuing education in a highly personal atmosphere with the help of –
    • A panel of expert Academics & Clinical Instructors.
    • Leading Edge Ultrasound Diagnostic Facilities.
    • High Quality and Rigorous Educational Syllabus with continuous updates.
    • Research & Development program.
    • Telemedicine & Teleconsulting.
      • All the introductory, diploma and advanced level programs consist of lectures, case presentations and generous practical sessions.
      • Numerous educational resources are available through our video, computer and textbook learning centers.
      • Several self-assessment exams are also provided to assist you with identifying your individual strengths and weaknesses.
      • By utilizing various teaching methods, we are able to ensure that your educational objectives are met and exceeded.
      • We are confident that you will agree that the education obtained will allow you to provide increased quality patient care while at the same time expand your skill level to excel in your professional career.

Graduates will be able to make judgments & demonstrate the ability to perform the following

  • Obtain, review & integrate patient history & supporting clinical data to facilitate optimum clinical results.
  • Perform appropriate scanning protocols & record anatomic, pathphysiological data for interpretation.
  • Record, analyze & process diagnostic data & other pertinent observations made during the scanning procedure for presentation to the referring physicians.
  • Demonstrate appropriate communication skills with patients and colleagues.
  • Act in a highly skilled professional & ethical manner.
  • Provide patient education related to medical ultrasound &/or other non-invasive diagnostic vascular technique & promote principles of good health