Adult Echocardiography

Key features:

·      It is a four month Comprehensive course on Adult Echocardiography.

·    It is delivered with a main focus on the acquisition of basic practical skills on scanning techniques and protocols with ACS/ARDMS standard protocol covering the syllabus for RDCS licensing examination.

·    This specialized course will give you practical proficiency in attaining advanced echocardiography views, with plenty of opportunity to apply these skills through our practical exercises.

·      One to One Hands-on training is the main focus on practical skills acquisition with practical and didactic classes with instructor-student of 1:5 ratios.

·    State of the art training facility with modern ultrasound equipment ranging from basic machine to High Resolution Color Doppler, PW/CW Doppler and Power Doppler along with Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI) facilities. The utilization of real patient supplemented by videos, slides, lectures etc.

·      Time-frame can be modified from four month according to the participant’s special needs.

Target group:

·     Are you a Cardiologist, Physician or Internist, wants to gain practical proficiency in performing and interpreting cardiac ultrasound scans?

·      Are you a Sonologist looking to develop your Cardiac ultrasound skills?

·      Are you seeking to utilize cardiac ultrasound for assessment of valvular disease?

·      Do you want to apply Cardiac ultrasound in a critical arrest scenario?

·    Do you simply want to improve, refresh or extend your ultrasound technique and thus opening a new horizon of ultrasound practice?

·      Do you intend to appear RDCS licensing examination in Adult echocardiography?


·      This program will give you the practical and theoretical knowledge to perform and understand Cardiac assessment with a set of new skills ready to apply in the real world.

Course Objective_Course Content:

·      This practical and focused course builds your skills in a practical, step-by-step manner with supervised hands-on scanning.


·      At the conclusion of this course you will be able to:

o     Explore the physical principles and artifacts of ultrasound to attain basic practical proficiency in B-mode and Doppler image optimization.

o     Demonstrate basic practical proficiency in performing and interpreting the goal directed echocardiography examination to differentiate between Normal anatomy & Physiology with pathology,

o     Normal and abnormal left and right ventricular dimensions and function.

o     Normal and abnormal left and right atrial dimensions and function.

o     Normal and abnormal interventricular and interatrial septum. 

o     Normal and abnormal A-V valves, LVOT & RVOT. 

o     M-Mode acquisition and relationship to 2D Cardiac anatomy 

o     Segmental wall motion assessment 

o     Significant pericardial effusion and distinguish it from pleural effusio

o     Gross abnormalities in valvular function.

o     Cardiac tamponade and acute pulmonary embolism.

o     Pneumothorax, pneumonia and pulmonary edema.

o     Discuss the clinical role, practical applications and limitations of the goal directed echo examination.

o     Demonstrate the ability to incorporate knowledge obtained from bedside echocardiography into the care of critically ill patients.

o     Document and present complete and accurate sonographic findings for recording in the patient’s record to facilitate appropriate diagnosis and clinical management.


·      General Physician Sonologist (MBBS, MD)

·      Cardiologist (D. Card/MD)

·      Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon (MS/FCPS)

·      Internal Medicine /FCPS/ MD/MRCP in Medicine

Course Duration:

·      Four months program

·      Can start on demand anytime or can be customized on individual needs.

·      For upcoming schedule, please contact us.

Course Starts:

·      January, May and September of each year.

·      Can start on demand anytime with minimum 4-5 students.

·      Must be upon your confirmation of admission.


·      “Certificate of Achievement” shall be awarded to the participants who registers and successfully completes all the requirement of the program.

International Students:

·     We welcome students from other countries to enrich our campus life and foster life-long relationships and international cultural interactions.

·      We don’t have accommodation facilities at the moment for foreign students. However, if requested earlier, we may assist to find suitable accommodation nearby the campus.

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